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Lullaby - Chuck Palahniuk I had never read Palahniuk until someone made an off-hand comment at a poorly-attended book club meeting last summer about how the author was originally from Pasco and I started thinking about trying to interview him for a feature story (Oh! I should revive that idea now that he has a new novel coming out next month!). Being a responsible journalist, I wanted to read some of his work before I approached him for an interview. I didn't want to start with the obvious choice of Fight Club, which I imagine will be the last of his ouevre that I pick up. So I found myself in Hastings one day browsing the fiction shelves, finding that Palahniuk had produced a more substantial body of work than I had realized. I chose Lullaby as my first Palahniuk reading experience because the idea of the novel, as summarized on the back cover, captivated me. It wasn't what I had expected from the author of Fight Club, which I knew only through the film.

When I started reading, I started mentally thanking my fellow book clubber for introducing me to this writer and expanding my world in a new and really interesting direction. But isn't that the best part about finding new friends? The things they add to your world that weren't there before?

Anyway. I loved this book. Loved. It made me want to read everything Palahniuk has ever written. I'm enthralled by the way he takes something grotesque and finds the kernels of beauty, truth and humanity there. That's a talent, even if his style can be repetitive from book to book. But this being my first exposure to Mr. P., I love it madly.