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Camera Never Blinks: Adventures of a TV Journalist - I found this in my high school library at a time when my overarching ambition in life was to become a CBS foreign correspondent. Why CBS? I really can't remember. It was the nightly news show I watched. A friend and I often had long discussions about which nightly news broadcast had the best intro music and graphics. We were that nerdy, and CNN hadn't quite launched cable news into the stratosphere yet (that would happen with the Gulf War and Wolf Blitzer and green missiles streaking across the screen in night vision like Space Invaders).

I didn't just read Dan Rather's memoir, I absorbed it. Thought about ways I could follow his career path. Prayed for my own hurricane to cover that would launch me to international stardom. Oh, how I've changed since then. But the book was a fun read, especially for a young girl dreaming of the journalistic big time circa 1988. Sometimes I wonder if bits of that girl still lurk inside of me.