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Red Highways: A Liberal's Journey Into the Heartland - Rose Aguilar I'll confess I only read half of this, partly because of time constraints. It was a book club selection and I only had time to read half of my borrowed copy before the club met. But I honestly wasn't that impressed. The concept has a lot of promise if it had been handled by someone more politically mature than Aguilar, but she couldn't seem to see past her own ideology. Sure, she reported what people who disagreed with her said, but I didn't see any real effort to understand their points of view. She gave far more ink to those pockets of liberalism she found in the so-called "red" states than she did to why the people who embrace the Republican party, Christian fundamentalism and conservative ideology do so, and that's a pity because this is a book that if well-executed could have helped bridge a widening gap in our national political discourse. As is, it's just another West Coast liberal gawking at the hicks.