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Cut!: Hollywood Murders, Accidents, and Other Tragedies - Andrew Brettell I just cut my finger on this book. It's bleeding profusely. How ironic is that?

Interesting, if shallow, look at infamous Hollywood deaths. A couple of noteworthy examples are missing, such as Peg Entwistle, the failed Welsh starlet who notoriously committed suicide by jumping from the Hollywood sign, which at the time read "Hollywoodland." Folklore has it the "land" was dropped from the sign after the suicide because it was considered bad luck to have 13 letters. I believe the truth is more mundane -- it just sort of broke down over time.

Another missing chapter is Gwili Andre, a Danish actress who died by self-immolation. She surrounded herself with a pile of her own publicity photos and set them on fire.

Ah, Hollywood.