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The South Beach Diet - Arthur Agatston Recommended by my personal trainer. My goal is to finish by Friday so I can prepare a grocery shopping list for next weekend. Ironically, I have added this book to my list while eating a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich for lunch. I'm betting that's not allowed on this diet (because of the bread). Ah, well. It's what I've got in the house until Friday.

Okay. I sat down with this book for all of 30 seconds and find that I really don't want to read it. I will, but I'm frankly sick of the whole goddamned diet industry telling gullible people "Do this and it'll be your magic bullet! The weight will melt off!" The industry in general tends to vastly oversimplify the complicated issues of genetics, psychology and co-morbid disease that often underlie obesity. But our culture is so fucking fat-phobic that we plunk down our dollars on the latest fad books, pills, diet shakes, etc. in the hopes that just maybe this will be the one that will magically transform us into someone society will accept and love. And it's. all. bullshit.

But I've plunked down my dollars for this book and I shall read it if for no other reason than to give my trainer one less thing to harp upon. Perhaps it will be a useful organizational tool as I attempt to restructure and recategorize my nutritional choices to improve my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol and strengthen my overall health.

But as far as my body goes, anyone who doesn't like the way I look can just. fuck. off.


Rant about the diet industry aside, this book may not be entirely useless. A couple of chapters in, it's fairly consistent with things I've learned through diabetes education and with the advice given by my endocrinologist. I'll add a checkmark in the "possible useful organizational tool" column.