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Neuromancer - William Gibson I read this for a sf/horror lit class in college. Pre-internet days for me. The internet was around, but there wasn't much out there yet and I didn't have service at home. A lot of students didn't even have computers in their dorms or apartments, much less internet service. That's what the computer labs were for.

Anyway, I don't think I appreciated this book as well as I should have when I read it then. I wasn't "into" cyberpunk in those days, although now I'd say I'm fascinated with the way the internet has reshaped society for good and for ill, and Gibson was on the forefront of tackling that very "What if?" in science fiction.

Although the subject matter didn't do much for me at the time, I did like Gibson's writing style quite a bit. It was like reading an MTV music video (back when MTV still had those).