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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius - Dave Eggers On order for June book club read. I've been curious to read this one. It seems to be one that people either love or hate. I wonder which camp I'll fall into?

5/13 I can't seem to finish reading anything lately. I hate to add another "currently reading" book right now, but I'd better get started on this one if I want to finish it in time for book club.

I'm already loving it just from the Preface and Acknowledgments. The bit about the piranhas? Yes! Yes! Yes! I am forever watching movies in which people venture into murky tropical waters thinking, "But what about the [sharks:][crocodiles:][piranhas:]?!" So, thank you, Dave Eggers. Thank you for having anxiety about the piranhas.

Also? The very first page. "I am tired. I am true of heart! ... You are tired. You are true of heart!" Yes. I am tired. I am true of heart. Doesn't the latter always lead to the former? Can one be true of heart and not end up fucking exhausted from it?

6/16 Thoughts at about the midpoint. It's a very good read, but not as ground-breakingly postmodern as I'd expected. Creative, certainly. Daring. Brave to lay himself and his family open the way he has. Eggers captures well the naivete of being in your 20s and learning that no matter how you envision things, they always happen differently. We can't predict the future, we human beings. Other people are too random. They don't fall into the neat patterns we create through storytelling and thus come to expect in real life. I'm guilty of this expectation -- wanting people to behave the way they do in my imagination -- like characters -- when they can only behave like themselves, like people. Maybe someday I'll learn that lesson.

I wish Eggers would have used dialogue tags on occasion.

7/6 I will pick this up again and finish it, but I'm a bit overwhelmed right now and need to de-clutter my "currently reading" list.