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Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris I found this an enjoyable addition to the body of vampire romance fiction, although Sookie was a bit too much of a Mary Sue for my tastes. There were some fun and enjoyable moments, my favorite of which was omitted from the first season of True Blood. I actually don't remember much of the plot, but now that I'm watching the series, I may have to read more of the books to see how they compare. Okay, so maybe it's also to get my Eric fix once the current season ends.


Jan 13. Rereading this, as a friend pressed the entire series into my hands a few days ago and is eager to discuss the books with me. I think this is a little more suited to my attention span and need for escapism right now than anything heavier or more literary anyway. Bring on the vampires! I'll be curious on the second read to see how this compares to the first season of True Blood, as the latter is much fresher in my memory, and whether I'd give it the same rating now as when I first read it a few years ago.

Jan 14. So far the three-star rating holds. I'm having fun reading this again.

Jan 16. Done! There were a lot of things I didn't remember from the first read, and it was interesting to see what elements were added for the TV show. Like Tara! There was no Tara in this book. I thought I just must have forgotten her, but nope. Not in here. And vampire Jessica. I'm still sad they left Bubba out of the TV series. On to the next one!