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Living Dead in Dallas - Charlaine Harris Jan 16. Page 8. NooooOOOOOOOoooooo! You killed Lafayette! You bastards!

Jan 18. Almost done and not liking this one as much as the first. My view of the book may be tainted by having seen the second season of True Blood and thinking the TV show did a better job bringing together the various plot threads. I think it's an issue of TV being able to tell the story from many points of view, while Harris has chosen to write in first person exclusively from Sookie's POV. And I'm starting to find Sookie's POV very limited and a bit grating (and have, what, seven more books to go?). I also don't need to read about Sookie and Bill's sex life on every other page. I get it. Vampire sex is hot. Can something else happen now please? Something other than Sookie getting bruised and injured? It's like someone told Harris after Dead Until Dark, "Make it more like Laurell K. Hamilton. You know. More sex and violence." I'm sure that works for people who love LKH and want more like her, but I'm not one of those people. I find LKH's approach to vampire fiction one of the least interesting out there.

Maybe I've just lost my taste for literary vampires. I think I'll need to pick something else up in between this and Book 3 as a palate cleanser. Actually, what I'd like is some really literate vampire fiction. I told someone the other day I'd like to see what Phillip Roth could do with vampire lore. Or Nabokov's long-lost vampire manuscript. Give me something like that.

Jan 18. Done. The last 50 pages injected some much-needed fun into the book and salvaged the reading experience for me, even if the plot made no sense. Sookie inviting Eric to the orgy was priceless.