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Club Dead - Charlaine Harris Jan 19. About 40 pages in and glad to see Bubba has made a comeback.

Jan 23. There's not too much to say about this one. Harris delivers a pretty consistent product. I was glad to see more of Eric and Bubba, although I wasn't nearly as enamored with Alcide as Sookie was. Sookie lusting after various men in the wake of Bill's betrayal became tiresome very fast. There were chunks of the story I just skimmed. I also find I'm growing weary of Sookie as a character. She's prudish (despite being lusty) and judgmental and not all that much fun in and of herself. It's the characters surrounding her that bring the fun to the story. If I weren't on a time crunch to return these borrowed books to someone, I'd probably take a lengthy break from the series right about now. Again, I think there are real limitations to the series' potential because of Harris' choice to write in first person from Sookie's point of view. My three-star rating is probably more like 2.5.