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All Together Dead - Charlaine Harris One of the consequences of reading these in rapid succession is that it's easier to catch continuity errors. I'm on Chapter 2 and have spotted two. Harris has Sookie think about how she's 26, but Sookie was 26 in the very first book and more than a year has elapsed since the events in that book. She also thinks about how Selah Pomphrey has been dating Bill for "weeks," but Selah has been dating bill since Book 5, and that book was set in late winter/early spring. This book is set in late September, which would mean Selah and Bill have been dating for roughly six months. These kinds of things annoy me.

Quinn continues to strike me as smarmy. I'm not into the Sookie/Quinn relationship at all, and the descriptions of his "white teeth" are starting to grate on me.


I may be nearing the end of my tolerance for this series after reading the most gawdawful sex scene last night. I imagine it was supposed to be steamy, but it was just stupid, with stupid descriptions and inane dialogue. At one point, Sookie has a thought about how Quinn is looking at her body like a buffet and he doesn't know where to start. So she points at her boobs and says, "First course." My eyes rolled so hard I got a headache.


Some interesting world-building and vampire politics here, but nothing spectacular until the climactic explosion. There are a few good Sookie/Eric moments I'm hoping are the precursor for things to come, but I'm taking a break from this series for now.