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The Sandman, Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes - Neil Gaiman, Malcolm Jones III, Karen  Berger, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, Mike Dringenberg This was my first complete foray into the world of comics/graphic novels, and I was blown away by Gaiman's storytelling, as always. I'm not much of a connoisseur or judge of comic book art, so I don't have much to say about that, other than to say I was perplexed by the choice to have Morpheus's palace depicted as a giant, flesh-colored erect penis. Were Gaiman and the artists trying to say that dreams derive from the phallus? If so, where exactly does that leave women? But I digress.

I think the most affecting part of the story was about the weird little madman who stole Morpheus's power and used it to drive others mad. The madman (his name escapes me) was a really fascinating character.

I also loved that Death was a cute goth girl.

I really should track down the next volume and read it.