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'Salem's Lot - Stephen King I stayed up far too late last night watching the Rob Lowe miniseries adaptation and now I'm jonesing to read the book, despite chortling a bit over Rutger Hauer and Donald Sutherland's performances as an elderly gay vampire and his elderly human lover watchdog. What captured me were the voice overs about the nature of small town evil, and I'm hoping that's what I'll get in the book. I would enjoy some good creeping horror as Halloween approaches.

I also have the David Soul 1970s TV miniseries on order for comparison. I tried to watch it once when I went through my vampire phase (heh, I say "phase" like it was something passing) as a teenager in the late 80s and found it dated at the time (Me: They're wearing bell bottoms? *clicks remote*), but I may have a better appreciation for it as a more mature viewer.

[Edit: For those of you who have been following my Goodreads adventures lo these many months, I actually tried to find the 1970s adaptation of Salem's Lot through my local library system before ordering it. No, I have not been taken over by a pod person or other form of alien parasite.]

Anyway, as much as I like the sexy vampires of, say, the novels of Anne Rice or Charlaine Harris, and even Stephenie Meyers' sparkling vegetarians, sometimes I want a vampire to be a creepy creature of the night. Bring it on, Stephen King.


May 2, 2010 - Finally getting around to this.