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Dark Faith - Maurice Broaddus, Jerry Gordon I bought this for Jennifer Pelland's Nebula-nominated short story "Ghosts of New York," but I'm finding it a strong anthology overall thus far.

After a poem, "Ghosts of New York" leads the anthology with a discomfiting story of the ghost of a woman who jumped from the North Tower on Sept. 11, 2001, and must relive the fall again and again. The story ends on a surprisingly positive note of acceptance and peace. The subject matter is difficult, but the story is thought-provoking and very well-written. Pelland earned her Nebula nomination, and will have earned her win if she gets the award.

"He Who Would Not Bow" has similar themes to "Ghosts of New York" in that the characters are trying to cope with and make sense of violence and grief, only this time the violence is perpetrated by God himself made flesh on Earth, and sending forth an angel with a flaming sword to raze cities across the globe with fire. It's an interesting approach to essentially the same kind of situation but from a very different angle.