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The Metamorphosis and Other Stories - Franz Kafka, Jason Baker, Donna Freed Not far in, but I'm already reading this very differently than the guy who wrote the introduction. He sees Kafka's work as incomprehensible, and the opening parable of this volume as a reflection of infinite regress. I found "A Message from the Emperor" pretty simple to understand -- the chasm separating the masses and the ruling classes is infinite, and the masses know this even when dreaming of being touched by greatness. They know it exceeds the grasp of their class.


Oh, Franz! Where have you been all my life! I shouldn't have dismissed you so when we flirted in college, but know that you get me now as a wiser, more appreciative reader. But also know that while true, my love will never be exclusive. I'm a bit of a literary slut, you see.


"The Judgment" - This compact little story presented a nicely paced descent into the surreal. Was the St. Petersburg friend real, or a manifestation of Georg's desire to escape the shackles of caring for the family business and his father, but at the same time to convince himself the life he led was the better one? Is it Georg or his father who is mad here? It doesn't matter. The beauty is in the gray areas.