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Soulless - Gail Carriger, Gail Carriger This book had a lot of flaws (The headhopping. My god, the headhopping.) but in the end was an enjoyable romp through an alternative paranormal Victorian London. The characters mostly were fun, although I found the protagonist exceedingly judgmental and fairly annoying until all of the kissing started. It's really the core romance that makes the book. I usually roll my eyes when a male and female hate each other only to discover no, they really love each other. It seems such a romance, and in particular romantic comedy, cliche. I've actually liked all of the people I've ever fallen in love with. But it kind of works here, mostly because Carriger knows how to write a kissing scene. I could have read an entire book of Alexia and Connall kissing (although I found the final consummation of their relationship pretty silly). I liked it enough that I'll pick up the next one.