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The Enchantress of Florence - Salman Rushdie Random updates, Aug. 9, 2012:

- Pgs 17-18 contain possibly the most bizarre method of coming out I've ever seen committed to print, and has now etched the phrase "a penis on the table" into my personal lexicon as a description for random weirdness.

- The bit circa page 16 with the secret collection of trinkets from around the world is lovely and what really drew me into the narrative. Then there was a penis on the table and I fell right back out.

- Two chapters in and I think I've figured out the traveler's secret. If I'm right, I'm simultaneously intrigued by the character and slightly miffed at Mr. Rushdie for withholding information from me as a reader.

Aug. 10: Reading this slowly, letting the sentences linger on my tongue like really good chocolate. It's a book to be savored. I have no idea what's going on, but the characters fascinate me, even the ones who appear so briefly and then exit. There's such a delicious undercurrent of longing. Tasty, tasty yearning.