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2666 - Roberto Bolaño, Natasha Wimmer Jan 25. I decided to try this. Baaaaah.

I give it about two weeks before I decide it's too much work, unless I really love the book. Even then, I'm not sure I still have the stamina at my ripe old age to read a 900-page book. I hope to prove myself wrong.

I set myself a goal to read 10 pages per day to get to my 50 per week. I think that's completely manageable even if I'm tired, and leaves me time to do read other books or do other stuff.

I surpassed my goal in the first sitting and read 15 pages, which was the most I could manage given a state of sheer exhaustion. The opening pages introducing the various critics were a bit didactic in tone, but interesting. I like how the book thus far is written in compact little sections, just about a page each. It's a bit film-like in that regard, I think. Bolano uses some quick, precise brushstrokes to paint the characters early. I left off just as the relationship among the four was coming together, but wished I'd had the energy to read further.


I think I want to run away with this book someplace remote and romantic, just the two of us, where we can have some time alone together. We'd spend our days curled up in bed together until spent, only occasionally getting up to meet basic needs.

Feb 5. Still reading. At roughly page 100 and finding myself fascinated by the shadowy figure of Archimboldi and the relationships of the critics obsessed with him. In some ways I find Moroni the most interesting of the four, perhaps because he's the one least there. He's nearly as enigmatic as Archimboldi. This is a book I definitely want to pick up each night as I settle in to read before bed.