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Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill If you read this, be prepared to have the Nirvana song stuck in your head for days.

Also, be warned that this book contains violence involving dogs before you read it.

This was a decent ghost story that felt like Stephen King-light. I kept trying not to compare Hill to his famous father, but comparisons were pretty much unavoidable since Hill chose to play in the same kind of horror story playground. The concept was intriguing — rock star buys a ghost over the internet on a lark, but turns out to be the victim of a supernatural revenge plot — but nothing groundbreaking. This was a solid enough effort with a few interesting twists and turns that kept me reading even though I found Jude, the rock star, mostly unlikable as a character. I did, however, like Georgia/Marybeth and give Hill props for writing what could have been the clichéd girlfriend character as a complex and interesting woman, and that even when she’s in harm’s way it never feels like he’s putting her in a refrigerator. Georgia really carried the book for me.

As far as the plot, I kept wondering how Hill would stretch what initially felt like a short story concept into an entire novel, but whenever I’d think he HAD to be running out of steam he’d add some new piece of information that added a layer and turned the plot in a new direction. He shows enough skill here that I’m definitely curious to read some of his more recent work to see how he’s evolved as a writer.